Two Square Feet

For every 2 square feet of human born every minute, we need to sacrifice yet another 50sq ft of floor space for a vehicle when they reach 18yrs of age. At least 80 percent of all cars on the road are one person occupied. Vehicles has dominated our lives and it is becoming an eyesore when the base of multi-storey buildings are decked with them. Imagine the hassle of hovering seven decks up and down to locate a car park?

I think responsible architects and governments should challenge themselves and use their ingenuity to overcome this problem and put aesthetics at the forefront when convincing developers of alternative solutions because aesthetic sells. Not just complying for compliance sake.

For example, for commercial properties, those days where terraced shop lots are arranged portrait format, should now be replaced with landscape mode instead . In other words, the length of the shoplot becomes the width and width becomes the length. So, shoplots get shorter behind but wider when viewed from the front. When this happens, at least five vehicles related to one shoplot could be accommodated instead of the current one and a half cars to a single shop lot. And a wider shopfront would result in a better showroom as more products is visible from the front. It doesn’t compromise anything if two landscape shoplots are arranged back to back because more rows can be accommodated since the length has been shortened!

For residential properties, beit landed or strata, developers are to ensure one additional car park for every 1000sq ft of floor space. And two even when it touches 1001sq ft.

Road reserves for newer developments should also be widened to accommodate more public parking to avoid cars spilling onto kerbs.

Just saying.

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