Be That Fisherman

“Why are you not using the bus when you urge others to use the bus when the state wants to build the lrt? Why don’t you become a fishermen since you are so affected by their plight when the state was offering them solutions to overcome their plight? Why are you fighting for the conservation of trees when you specifically ask the council to clear the old trees facing your home? Why aren’t you living in one of those dilapidated shophouses yet you are asking all the previous tenants to remain? Why are heritage guidelines that is supposed to cut across the board are being reviewed on a case to case basis?

It is because of you, and your team of gung-hos from the previous administration who paved the way for the rent control act to be abolished in tandem with the UNESCO listing so as to benefit you and your cronies without realizing that it will change the entire cityscape. The rise in rental were purposefully enacted for the old tenants to vacate. But now you are pretending to be so concern and tried to stop them from moving away from the city? Why don’t you offer to pay for their rentals instead so as to stop them from moving out? You are a poor social engineer and a big time hypocrite. If Malaysians are not lazy to think, you and your gung-hos would be brought to court.”

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