You Were Born to Leave Me

Spaces in between us

is not part of my plan

For within the spaces seeps in loneliness

coupled with suicidal thoughts

and a mind that turns runny with tears

I had you but I left you


In search of your own destiny

Trenched within the crevices

of cold hard stones

Watching you gay churns tears inside

An innocent baby with high hopes for daddy

But you were born to leave me

Cant you see?

That your life may be better

I have faired worse than you think I am

Daddy has not left you a proud baby

But you are me

Yet you are not of me

And I pain inside

Always with thoughts of you

Because I failed you.

The heavens no longer dances for me

since a long time ago

Dotty dearest, Daddy is so sorry

Daddy’s world will only be ok

if only you are ok.

But daddy didn’t do much for you

And wedged between us is mommy

Please forgive me dotty.

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