Merdeka Day

“As Malaysians, we should all take stock and celebrate with pride, the love our forefathers has for the country and how the many races set aside their differences and hurdled through the many obstacles to gain independence for us, from our colonial masters, which is what ‘Merdeka Day’ or ‘Independence Day’ or ‘National Day’ is all about, call it what you will. We should all do our country a favor and stop bickering on how August the 31st is not genuinely our National Day, reason being that, that wasn’t the date Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore was co-joint to us but September the 16th is. Let us not forget that our National Day, just like in all other countries, is also a celebration of ‘Independence’ and not a celebration of our ‘founding’ whether or not we gain or lose some extra brothers or sisters prior to or after that important date.

It is but a political ploy hyped up by irresponsible parties to create unrest, hopefully to gain mileage which would then translate to votes.

As citizens we need to address this together and come to terms because this problem has been blown out of proportion, so much so that many states, in their endeavor to be politically correct has downplayed their celebration and organize something mediocre on an important day like ‘Merdeka Day’ is!

We should again start celebrating Merdeka Day on a grand scale each year on the same day our Tunku raises up his hands to shout ‘Merdeka’ seven times to rejoice our new beginning in the company of every happy citizen witnessing this feat at Merdeka Stadium in 1957.

Let us not mix up and confuse August 31st with September 16th. Not like we can’t celebrate September 16th but September 16th is not Independence Day but August 31st is.”

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