Challenging Viewers

Some simple robotics does not make an artwork be. For visual art is not rocket science neither is it magic, neither is it a stage set designed to fascinate. It is the encrusting of a submerged consciousness subtly emerging in layers. It is an inconclusive maze. It is a mixture of alchemism and personal philosophy tied to your identity and your thoughts and that is what gives it the classical flavor. It is in all sense an autobiography. Without all these, they are but picture making. Not one bit can be regarded as paintings.

From high hopes to a depressive preponderance, one does wonder if the majority pushes hard enough to challenge the viewers thoughts with a larger dosage of pragmatism and well-meaning crits and whatever that encapsulates inside the artist’s mind, can they be contextually articulated into meaningful content without the inference of showmanship, quaint theories or be set free from the wand of prying opinions. Also, will they foremost gets sucked in by the preferences and whims of the lobbyists?

Kinetic art as well as Sound art sounds fascinating but being hindered by a lack of understanding of mobility and utter reliance on the robotics knowledge of the fitter isn’t. Just as being placed side by side to an overage contestant who should be disqualified isn’t. And being stashed inside a mouse hole when directional signs are lacking isn’t. Or cramped to an awkward corner when others have miles of space isn’t. The second question then arises if some curators are sensitized to the space given, are they also trained to handle criticisms constructively?

Competition under a new government, very much like ‘old wine in new skin’ is a springboard for which many freshies tried to catwalk for the first time. Sadly, many are left with sprained ankles. Just like being cramped into shows where the obvious superstars wasn’t you. And you work is only there to enhance the superstars status. Unless you don’t mine being the casualty, that is the price one pays for being adamant to stupidity.

But did the majority push hard enough to challenge the viewers thoughts?