“I have a natural fondness for my grandma. She cares for me, laughs with me, and tells me stories about her past, and about dad and his siblings. Many a night I share her bed until mom decided that children should not be sleeping with old people, as according to her traditional belief, they will suck the life energy out of the younger generations. Most of all, she makes me feel safe each time I was abused by mom for reasons unknown. Many a time, she took the beating meant for me and releases me from the toilet dungeon I was in. Once she receives a flower pot on her head trying to protect my dad against the wrath of my mom. She is my real life guardian angel. She is self sacrificing and the greatest nanny one could ever wish for. If there’s anyone whom I’d like to meet again , it is her Mdm Ooi Hoe. She deserves this tribute because I just dreamt of her. And memories came flashing back.

Love you grandma. Your sacrifices is immense. I can’t imagine how both grandpa and you could endure the rough sail hibernating in a bumboat for months to reach nanyang to find new hope for all of us.”

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