Tight Slap

A Manager, his Assistant, an old woman and her younger daughter were traveling in a train and during that course of time , they got acquainted.

The train went through a tunnel and it got dark.

Suddenly the sound of a kissing followed by a slap was heard.

The train emerges at the end of the tunnel.

The old women and the Assistant sat there looking perplexed.

The Manager bends over holding his face, apparently red from the slap.

No one said a thing.

The Old woman thought to herself:

“These Managers are skirt chasers. I bet he must have kissed my daughter. Good that she slapped him.”

The younger daughter thought to herself: “That Manager must have tried to kiss me but kissed my mother instead and got slapped.”

The Manager thought to himself:

“Damn it! My Assistant must have kissed that young girl and she thought it was me and slapped me instead.”

The Assistant’s thought to himself:

“If this train goes through one more tunnel, I will make another kissing sound and again give my Manager a tight slap. This Rascal keeps on harassing me in the Office!”

(Author Unknown)

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