Weight Loss

A fat man saw an ad in a newspaper.

“Lose 5kg in a week.”

He called the company & the lady said..

“Be ready tomorrow at 6am.”

The next morning he opened the door & found a beautiful girl with shoes & skirt saying if you can catch me, you can fuck me!

And the girl started running.

He started chasing but didn’t catch her.

During the whole week he tried to catch her but couldn’t.

However he lost 5 kg.

He then asked for the 10kg program.

Next morning at 6 am he opened the door & saw an even more beautiful girl in bikini saying “If you catch me, you fuck me!”

He lost 10kg that week.

So he thought this program was awesome!

And decided to try the 25kg!!

So he asked for the 25kg but the lady said “Are you sure? It’s really tough!”

He said “YES!”

Next day at 6 am he opened the door, and found a huge Negro guy saying “If I catch you u, I will fuck you!

(Author Unknown)