Local Auction Houses

“Every collector loves a good bargain but when an auction house creeps into that mode thinking collectors will flock into their establishment rather than galleries because of commission per se, you can be pretty sure they’re going to have trouble getting consignments not unless these are pretty desperate consignors or artists. There are many reasons why goods ended up in auction. In the plainest sense, auction houses are dumping grounds for discards. Don’t believe me? If I ask you for a consignment, would you be consigning the best out from your collection? So the key failure in local auction houses is too low a commission which antagonizes the galleries as well as consignors, too relax a scrutiny in determining good works from the mediocre, too little a knowledge in art which as a result, many undeserved works ranks higher above some better works and lastly, too frequent a momentum that floods the entire scene with collectors being spoilt for choices therefore the frequent lukewarm response. It’s a lousy disorder partly determined by market manipulators which many a time believe me, the auction houses has no control of. But if they do, it’s best to avoid them and let these dubious auction houses die a natural death. Lastly, it is gross misdemeanor for auction houses to pretend to be an authority in a subject they are unfamiliar with. And that’s the sad state of our local art auction houses!”

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