See eye to eye

There are definitely two schools of thought here. One who believes in erecting grilles on the balcony to prevent kids from falling over and the other who educates their child the dangers of falling without having to erect the grille. The difference here is only one line thin but the gap is river wide. It can create serious animosity between brothers of the same school, religion, race. Worse, of different schools, religion and race.
To resist temptation is to be oblivious to your surrounding whilst purifying your own thoughts. Being distracted by your surroundings is merely opening yourself to weakness thus luring the devil to devour you. Therefore disciplining yourself not to be distracted by others ways, habits, doings, thoughts or actions is the ultimate test of self censorship even the Lord Buddha and Christ Jesus has to go through. To put it simply, the world is so complex it won’t stop turning just because one person wants to meditate or the other was looking for an antidote for aids.
Thus, to want others to restrain and refrain while you are being tested is not welcomed. To you it’s a means to keep holy by not wanting to be distracted and on occasions, fall to sin. To them, it’s really all about learning and practicing self censorship. That simple request thus becomes for a moment an infringement of rights by imposing upon others to live by your code. And to them also, wanting aid is two prong. Either you believe in entitlement because others are required to heed it or, you have just exposed your insatiable weakness. Thus, Censoring others just because you can’t discipline yourself is to call upon the world to behave when you yourself easily misbehave. That’s wayward thinking. It may be a thin line, but that is river wide enough to cause serious animosity.
Therefore, restrain and refrain yourself. That will carry you further up in faith than to be pitied at. It is an act of penance and sacrifice is what it is about. Otherwise go hide yourself for all I care.
Having to erect grilles instead of educating justifies how river wide our thinking differs. We will never be able to see eye to eye on other things if we can’t see eye to eye on simple issues like this.

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