Don’t Ridicule!

The maligned party was a high and dry struggling artist cum poet wannabe many moons ago. Did the publisher thence approach this wannabe and say hey, as part of the new economic policy, I am encouraged to help you launch your career thus we are publishing your writings and with that we are paying you a royalty or was it the other way round where the poet wannabe went around knocking at every publishers door looking for a break? But whichever side it tilts to, I’m dead sure a publisher’s terms of agreement would include amongst other terms, the rights to re-publish till perpetuity in exchange for an agreed royalty fee. No further consent needed.
There is no grounds an author would refuse a re-publication when fame and fortune comes effortlessly in re-editioning except to draw attention to oneself and do an about flip turn because of a cataclysmic successful career later in life. Even so, that does not automatically pave the rights to end an agreement mutually agreed upon lest the maligned party has during the full duration ever wrote to the publisher stating his wish to cease what was agreed upon initially.
Fame and fortune can change people. Just don’t push greed too hard. If the publisher wanted to fleece you, why should they have it re-published in the national language, distributed it locally and launch it at a fair that draws attention to itself? Royalties can be re-negotiated with tact. If you think you are worth the weight in salt. Not ridicule!