Tall Order

“Is art a new form of religion? Cos in our midst are plenty of artists whom are prepared for a lifelong meditation of fasting and sacrificial penance, seeking institutional alms to feed their thoughts that seldom translate into tangible works. The key word here for artist and would be artists is to harness your thoughts into good “tangible” works just as an author harness their thoughts into good books and an industrial designer harness their thoughts into good goods. Keep on harnessing your thoughts and you are just a dreamer or a thinker or maybe some deranged artivist limboing somewhere between heaven and earth not knowing when to land. And thinking is vital to make good art. An artist needs to always think about the subject matter, the concept, the colors, composition, space,technique, balance, proportion, form and originality. Size matters also as some works are better large than small. Last but not least, good works needs to be thought provoking so title plays a very important role in delivering the message across. The success of an artist will leverage on all the points above which sums off each work as either good or bad not forgetting fostering correct connections, working on your inter-relationships, focus, discipline, consistency, besides contesting for awards and recognition. Eloquence and personality is in-built therefore some artists are better off hung on the shelf to be admired next to their paintings. Quite a tall order for many to achieve.”

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