Do not Belittle the Uneducated

“Men made books out of the seeds of his own exploration, experimentation and logical evaluation of his experiences thus men does not need to belittle other men whom are lesser educated when books were purely a product of men. Men exists long before books did.
And an uneducated man can always reenact the glorious learning cycle without the dependence on books so long as he bothers to explore, experiment and evaluate his experiences then record everything he learnt without the need to be influenced or be taught by others. All he needs is a brain that is totally functional.
And this same uneducated man can apply everything he learnt by himself to become cleverer if not great even when fate deprives him of the education that simultaneously co-existed during his lifetime.
In my hometown are two such examples- one is a family member, the other, a friend. And both of them became great visionaries and generous philanthropist, if not legends, unlike those with bread and butter and a silver spoon stuck in the mouth that begets nothing but opinions and selfishness. In the international arena, the celebrated Japanese architect Tadao Ando is one of them. And industrial design supremo Philippe Starck.
So, do not belittle uneducated people living in your midst because one day, some or one of them may eventually be greater than you.”

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