We do not need more classifications and post dissections that characterizes every uncanny art development into neat convenient schisms. In art ecology, the dichotomy of openness, of acceptance and receptivity is primary in cultivating interest and broadening its promotional milieu.
Just as in a blooming garden, there are always the botany who studies, the gardener who tends, the connoisseur who celebrates, the landscapist who beautify, and the traders who beatifies because ppl believe in the bonding and healing power of flowers. Each aspect hooks on the chain of the other. That helps to promote interest and sustains its very existence. So must art ecology be.
Art is not a need and is chiefly non functional. If it is, wouldn’t a sculpture be better termed as a furniture ? Thus art enters the realm of ‘collectibles’ whose purpose it is but to beautify or commemorate.
Most schools of art concentrates on the know-how and the making of it. Seldom if ever, do they touch on art appreciation.
Because it is only with appreciation that scholarship and collectibility shapes itself albeit together in parallel rhythm, and with collectibility, commerce and the trading of it thus blooms. The chain is cyclical and it keeps revolving. And if one doesn’t appreciate one of the links just because one can’t flow with the rhythm, one should not stop others from enjoying it. Worse, trying to correct it.”

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