Similar traits

“Every artist should by right be at equal par with Picasso but why doesn’t that happen? Or probably he edged you out in creativity and originality, and the number of wives he has? Or the press picked him out over others simply because he plays to the crowd just like how David Beckham was chosen over those who were ruthlessly more dangerous on the field but doesn’t look any better? Is it called luck or likeability or the consistent endeavor to be noticed that pays off? Or perhaps ppl knock on your door to be chased out by a slouchy sloth going around disseminating songs like ‘I don’t sell my art’ and ‘I hated galleries’ not because you don’t like your art to be traded but because you were played out by your own stupidity and trusting attitude and you yourself wanted to enjoy the harvest at the end if there is a good ending because let’s be frank you can’t predict your own future and started making prints out of your mediocre art which is an appropriation of somebody else’s work and hoping to stay alive running errands feeding grandchildren instead of focusing on your art? To be an excellent artist is skill and creativity besides basic training but to be a crowd favorite, boy you got to have great communication skills and the courage to promote yourself and suitably stand out for what you believe in ! And let’s be frank. Western art originates from the west and the standard is set by them not us unless you have the courage to rewrite their history and break out from it like the Indonesians did or the Japanese or you’d be going nowhere so stop assuming you’re good enough when the rostrum is happily everyone else’s as long as the patrons and experts are given the chance to take notice of your work . No one appreciates a dumb character and losers displays similar traits just like there are winning habits in competitions.”

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