“Some twenty five years ago I found a wallet stashed with some cash and a cash cheque amounting to rm22-25k (can’t remember the actual figure) while I was alighting from my car. And so, I took it upon myself to contact the person who lost it even though I was taken on a wild goose chase all over the island. Those days no one carries handphones around. What more, his name was not even listed inside the phone directory. And whatever the circumstance was, and how inconvenient that would make me, it has always been foremost in my thoughts that what if the cash is an urgent need and what if I myself were to lose that wallet. Nothing closer to this importance ever came to my thoughts.
Yesterday, the same thing happened to me. In my haste, I misplaced an envelope filled with important personal documents in a public institution. When I realized it, I was back in Penang after hours on the highway. I was completely distraught and I didn’t get a good sleep last night. But this morning, the finder called.
As I recall back those years, I asked myself what if I wouldn’t have been so kind then, will I deserve the kindness that I receive today? To me that’s a HOG repaid. HOG btw means heart of gold. It’s also a reminder to me in case I have forgotten that not everyone out on the streets is bad or greedy. Despite the changes that has happened towards our society, kindness still exist. And I am thankful indeed that there still are hogs around.
And so I rewarded the finder the same way I was rewarded some twenty five years ago.”