Spanish Silver Dollar

Before the Spanish Silver Dollar became the widely accepted exchange of world currency in the 16th century, every trader trades with currencies of their own country using the weight of the metal as their yardstick. Way before that, tokens were used. Be it in metal, ivory or porcelain very much like today’s gambling chips. These chips were a form of exchange and also a form of wage where producing a token to the bodega rewards one with a fine meal. But way before the tokens, what was used then? There were colorful beads, cowry shells, semi precious stones and metal nuggets some in the shape of animals and fruits, others in the form of canons as well as kettlepots. Well that was the time where barter trading was widely accepted. And when there are no laws to bar certain goods from being traded, especially with Chinese Ceramics, then one cannot claim that every imperial ware that is outside China is stolen. Your law is only enforced after 1970. Since as early as 1200, Chinese fleets have combed the Straits of Malacca.





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