“To all Christians, I have only one thing to say. Do not be always trying to preach your doctrine but give yourself to love. Christ himself never preached any dogma or doctrine. He preaches love of God. The objective of a Christian is to be Christ-like. Never like a coolie recruiter trying to bring coolies to his master’s tea garden. Preaching your doctrine is no sacrifice at all. It is indulging in a luxury far more dangerous than all the luxuries ofmaterial living. It breeds an illusion in your mind that you are doing your duty.That you are wiser and better than your fellow beings. But the real preaching is in being perfect which is through meekness, love and dedication. If you remain strong with your own pride of race, pride of sect and pride of personal superiority, then it is no use to do good to others. On the spiritual plane, you cannot do good until you yourself are good. You cannot preach Christianity until you be like Christ. And then you do not preach Christianity but love of God, which Christ did.”
~Rabindranath Tagore~




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