Before the advent of ‘ready-made’, visiting a custom tailor then was the rage. As such,

textile shops were well patronized both  by  men  and  women.  It  sounds  hip  to  get

clothes tailor-made but then, that was the only option one has lest one wants to walk

around with unsightly creases, bulges and darts shooting all over, the  result  of  four

exclusive sizes  of  Small, Medium, Large and  Extra-Large  found  in  ready-to-wear’s

of that time. It is like say  paying  a  visit  to  Jimmy Choo to get  a  pair  of  fitted  heels

made? and in fact it is as in the 60’s-70’s, most hipped shoes, like clothes of that era

were   also  custom  made!  ( Think  Travolta  and  one  would  understand  why  it   is

crucial  to  ride  your   bike   down  Wembley  or   Campbell  Street  to  have  your  next

fitted shoes or pants made!) Ready-mades or ready-to-wear as we all  know  started

with  clothier  Monsieur  Pierre  Cardin  who  tries  to  standardize  sizes   to   fit   every

living  torso  and  it  took  years  for  the  world’s  clothing  industry  to  experiment  with

the feasibility before the idea arrives  on  our  shores,  longer  again for Penangites  to

adjust themselves to the standards he introduced.




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