khau hong

In the late 60’s till early 70’s,  to ‘khau hong’ was an  ‘in thing’.  Invariably,  it  means  to  ‘scrape

the wind’ in local Hokkien  lingo.  That  means  inviting  your  buddies  for  a  drive,  sometimes

stopping by the coffee-shops for supper  in  an  era  devoid  of  Starbucks  or  Macdonalds  but

usually, it is drive as you chat along while enjoying the cool wind  that  catches  the  car  interior.

To other more adventurous/mischievous groups, their  favorite  haunt  would  be  the  Botanical

Gardens, the Polo Ground or Pearl Hill wooing as they pass by every stationary car or bike  that

has couples lurking in funny contortion silhouetting against the dark shades of the night. Some

love to get chilled  in  groups  holding  the  hands  of  your  chosen  date  stopping  by  the  more

‘talked-about’ haunted houses and get freaked out! Of course you need to be from a certain age

group tobe fascinated by all these (usually late teens) and from  a  more  privileged  family  that

owns a car to be able to ‘khau hong’.





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