supreme god

In this world, only one god is the supreme god. That god created the world  and  planted

nature and man in including the land,  sea,  sky,  night,  day,  and  all  the  creatures  that

graces the land. If your god ask you to refrain from liking  a  certain  animal,  that  means

your god did not create this world. Therefore he is not supreme. Man  was  also  created

by god. And they were all born naked in his glory. If your god insist that you cover up, then

your god must be ashame to make you. That also means he did not create  you  for  why

must he create something that he is so ashamed of. So how could that be  your  god  or

the supreme god for that matter?

I say to you that man and nature is indeed created by god but man  chose  to  interpret

what is good and what is bad according to his own will but not by the will  of  god.  Man

segregates man and made himself supreme to other man by mastering  evil  to  reign

dominion over you and gave you laws to abide with that deep inside  you,  you  know  it

didn’t come from the supreme god who created every single thing in this world.  If  you

come across such rules that seeks you to harm other man, or animals or refrain  from

such, then you would know automatically that that kind of rule doesn’t come from  god.

Or your god. Be enlightened.




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