Would anyone care to ask a man the reason why he betray  his  wife  rather  than  to  blame  it

solely on his scrotum itch as if there  is  no  other  reason  in  this  world  more  valid  than  the

urge to savor a different pie?

I mean, how should a man react if a  fortnight  after  his  wedding  he  caught  his  wife  on  the

phone telling another friend of hers that she married  him  not  because  of  love  but  because

she is getting old?

Tell me how should a  man  react  after  twelve  years  of  being  ushered into  a  smaller room

away from that woman he is  married  to  by  that  same  woman  he  is  married  to  while  she

occupies the Master Bedroom with his child in an apartment that belongs to him  and  that  he

is also forbidden to even spend a night with his own toddler whom he loves so much?

How does twelve years of living together without sex sounds to you?

And how should a man react then if this kid of his complains to him that his mom slaps,

kicks and frequently punches her when he is not around?

If we  prick  up  our  ears  and  open  our  eyes  and  reason  far  more  sensibly  than  what  is

apparent  in  society or the lack of and perhaps wade to men’s level without misjudging him,

then perhaps the word ‘gallivanting’ is not as glaring as to the cause  of  marital  disharmony

than  what  strange  companionship  could  create  when  it   was   once   used   on   men   by

feminists whom have distorted the entire picture and portray  men  as  nothing  more  than  a

sexist humanoid whose brains throb and shudder in  sync  with  his  manhood.  Such  is  the

harm it has caused really.