long life

What is this about living a long life that is important if you  are  not  as  mobile  and  agile

as you once were, if you are not as healthy and fit and could manage  your  own  hygiene

without aid, if your skin stood taut and doesn’t peel like mille  crepe  and  that  you  don’t

suffer from amnesia or dementia nor emit some kind of stench because  when  you  are

deprived of all these as you reach your golden age and being dependent when  you  are

supposed to be purposeful, you’d be  treated  like  a  factory  reject  or  discard  for  being

cumbersome even by your own family and most likely will end up in an  old  folks  home~

everyday wishing you are more dead than alive so be  real  and  be  glad  when  you  are

called home earlier and not having overstayed your welcome unless you  are  so  bloody

rich as to be tolerated till the end..