good women

Women must recognize and accept the fact that  men  since  prehistoric  days  are  all  hunters.

And like all other species of his kind, men in their  quest  needed  to  dwell  much  deeper  into

the  jungle  when  nearby  resources   deplete,   sometimes   landing   himself   in    the    most

precarious of state~ at times  being  devoured  by  wild  beast  and  at  others,  returning  much

later being enchanted by the most exotic of  bloom  he  found  along  the  way.  A  good  women

shall dutifully await his return and pampers his ego in awe of his catch when he comes  home,

while scattering flowers into his bath and cooks a fine meal and a good women  will  accept  it

as fate if it is written in the book of God that he perishes but always  clinging  onto  hope,  if  like

Daniel he would escape the lion’s den unscathed. But like all men whom are ensconced in the

darkest of challenges and frailties are  part  and  parcel  of  his  sojourn,  a  good  women  shall

always throw him the rope when there is distress calling nevermind  the  odds  for  it  is  written

since the beginning, that men like all other species  of  his  kind  were  all  made  hunters.  And

providers too. But unfortunately, most good women are no longer domesticated prehistorically

and that is how the rule of relationship changes.




8 responses to “good women

  1. Kris

    I am deeply concerned for you & your countrymen with the Typhoon that just happened in the Philippines. The only thing most of us can do is donate to the agencies that will be sent as relief to your country, Prayers are always a good thing in the face of such untold suffering.


    • heard ten thousand just perished in the philippines. and i pray that it won’t spread to malaysia. thank you for your kind thoughts and the reliefs. bless you sister!

  2. With all the uncertainties such as natural disasters in this world, may your path always be blessed, my friend. Some people need to be here to record and write about these experiences in history and I believe you are one of them who can truly capture the human heart .

    • each of us does our part and we can only do what we do best. not everyone is as comforting towards my thoughts and someone with an open mind like yours is reassuring indeed. jesus is a radical and radicalism has caused him to be crucified before the picture became clearer two thousand years after and that is a very long time indeed for our social fabric to take on a new color. and if there are truths in my discourse then perhaps society needed to renew its understanding no matter how threatening and upsetting my thoughts are that jolts them up from their comfort zone. the sanctity of men has never been discussed unlike women’s but we cannot discount our age old dna as the chief antagoniser as to why men behave the way they do. maybe one day it will be scientifically proven to be so and until that day comes, i only do what i do best.

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