Wile Away Seniors!

~wile away seniors!~ image copyright Kris Lee 2012

~wile away seniors!~
image copyright Kris Lee 2012



















Senior citizens have their own ways to wile away their time. While some prefer to tend to the needs of their grandchildren, others would sit around having nostalgic talks with friends at coffee shops or go for evening walks. In the morning, some practices “Tai Chi” to keep fit. But there are those who prefer to stay independent and carry on working till their twilight years nevermind if the returns is insufficient to make a good living because chances are most of them are cared for with pocket money chipped in by their offspring to ensure all is well. Confucianism has its good values and its precepts on filial piety are highly revered throughout the local Chinese community.  This “apek”- old man in local colloquial Hokkien is seen tending to a traditional cake stall by the roadside. Picture taken at Carnarvon Street, Penang.




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