bird’s nest fern

~bird's nest fern~ image copyright Kris Lee 2012

~bird’s nest fern~
image copyright Kris Lee 2012



















Bird’s Nest Fern, supposedly of the species ‘Asplenium Nidus’ grow well in the tropics under warm humid conditions in areas partial to full shade. Their fronds are a characteristic light green in color, often crinkled at the edges with a black midrib lined with spores forming in clusters at the underside and they are often found attached on the branches and trunks of trees, the result of bird’s droppings laden with seeds that the birds consume. Each of these fronds (similar to banana leaves) called ‘lamina’ can grow up to 150 cm in length. These two giants are spotted some 15 meters off the ground where the huge tree stood. Picture taken at Persiaran Kuari, Penang.




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