Peh Hoon Sien

(Version in Hokkien)

Peh Hoon Sien, Tiam Tiam Khi Gien

Kha Charm Soak Ah Phien

Lang Sien Sien, Thau Lien Lien

Tisi Ay Kai Pien

Khar Tang Tang, Bak Chew Ang Ang

Tisi Ka Sniau Buek Pang

Arn Chnua Cho Lang Ay Aneh Gong

Siang Ka Sang Khi Karm Loh Bong

Kharn Kharn Khor Khor Peh Bo Ch’i

Tong Kim Lu Khi Hai Ka Ki

Nor Lay Kong Tiok Nah Ow Tni

Tui Ee Lang Mana Kuay Ay Khi


(Version in English)

Heroin addict, regularly you are in fits

Worse than the opium addicts

Always lethargic, head never stop swirling

When then can you repent?

Your leg feels heavy, your eyes are bloodshot

When then would you be able to let it go?

Why are you so foolish?

It is as if you are already inside the grave

Your parents raised you up in all hardship

But today you are ruining yourself

Both your parents cannot accept this fact

So how could you treat them so heartlessly?


About this Rhyme:~

This is a Hokkien Rhyme/Saying about the dangers of  heroin addiction. This rhyme is self explained.

The author/owner has compiled for record, a collection of early Hokkien sayings, proverbs, rhymes and ditties to capture the essence and spirit of his hoi polloi, a community originating from the southern province of Fujian, China where individuals climbed aboard bum boats, crossing the South China Sea to settle in faraway lands to escape the brewing civil unrest and a way out from hardship carrying along with them in their journey, nothing except their trademark ponytails and their beliefs, very much rooted in Confucianism. These proverbs and sayings has always been a guide and lesson to the many who has never been to school so as to help them steer well in the river of  life and in a way, it seeks to retell their lifestyle way back then so that the younger generation can gain an insight and foothold to their origin..




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