firmament floats

Heaven is a place on earth. In the last of days or what others would describe it  as

the end of the world, we would all be divided into groups of seven standing  inside

little white tents dressed in white robes. No one is seen with their family  nor  their

loved ones for they are all scattered in other tents as well  like  everyone  else  but

somehow familyhood is no longer  relevant.  Everyone  whoever  it  might  be  who

stood beside us is just that~ our brother. Then a firmament  would  descend  from

the sky and hover inside each and every tent as it graces  our  skin  like  little  puffs

of cotton. For those whom God favors shall rejoice for  they  would  still  be  human

when the firmament floats away. And for those whom God does not favor would all

be turned into precious stones. And from then on, this place would be called  “New

Heaven and New Earth”.

~ (Heaven always speak to my daughter through dreams.)