laughing eyes

Many years back, schools of dolphins used  to  swim  with  the  ferries  that  ply

the waters of Penang and Butterworth. I  used  to  look  forward  to  those  rides

because of that and jumped in delight upon seeing  them. Then, they  were  no

more.  Perhaps they migrated for  reasons  known  only  to  them.  Lately,  they

were spotted again in schools of twenties and although I welcome their return,

there is a tinge of sadness in me  about  our  environment  and  the  industries

that  dump  pollutants  without  mercy.  Did  they  return   because   the   waters

somewhere they went to is no longer viable for them to live?  Is global warming

taking its toll? Or was it a sign of things to come? Guess we wouldn’t be able to

know what their laughing eyes tell..