One By One

(Version in Hokkien)

One By One

Hero Phak Snua Huan

Two By Two

Hero Phak Sio Tu

Three By Three

Hero Hor Lang Tui

Four By Four

Hero Chow Bo Lor

Five By Five

Hero Hor Lang Kh’nai

Six By Six

Hero Khoon Tit Tit

Aneh Arn Chnua Ay Cho Hero

Sau Chit Liap Tok Swee Swee Toe

Hor Lang Thay Ee Huan Loe

Lu Kh’nua Kay Boe Bo Kay Boe


(Version in English)

One by one

Hero killed the Red Indians

Two by two

Hero killed the wild boars

Three by three

Hero was chased by his enemy

Four by four

Hero was trapped

Five by five

Hero was then knuckled

Six by six

Hero fell flat on the ground

So how can a hero be like that

Just a swing and he fell flat

And let others worry over him

So isn’t this hero a chicken after all?


About this rhyme:~

This is a funny children’s rhyme we used to recite when we were younger. Puts a smile on people’s faces on hearing it.

The author/owner has compiled for record, a collection of early Hokkien sayings, proverbs, rhymes and ditties to capture the essence and spirit of his hoi polloi, a community originating from the southern province of Fujian, China where individuals climbed aboard bum boats, crossing the South China Sea to settle in faraway lands to escape the brewing civil unrest and a way out from hardship carrying along with them in their journey, nothing except their trademark ponytails and their beliefs, very much rooted in Confucianism. These ditties retell their story and their lifestyle way back then so that the younger generation can gain an insight and foothold to their origin..




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