Chneh Gu Mm Bat Hor

(Version in Hokkien)

Hu Phak Thor

Heh Chua Bor

Chneh Gu Mm Bat Hor


(Version in English)

The fish is courting

The prawn is marrying

A green cow hardly recognizes the tiger.


About this rhyme/saying:~

This rhyme/saying teaches one to be humble. It describes people who underestimate the influence, capability or ability of others and more often than not ended up being humbled after being challenged upon or when challenging others. The first two verses has no meaning at all but shouts “ridiculousness” as how ridiculous and unbecoming we are to challenge those whom we are not familiar with!

The author/owner has compiled for record, a collection of early Hokkien sayings, proverbs, rhymes and ditties to capture the essence and spirit of his hoi polloi, a community originating from the southern province of Fujian, China where individuals climbed aboard bum boats, crossing the South China Sea to settle in faraway lands to escape the brewing civil unrest and a way out from hardship carrying along with them in their journey, nothing except their trademark ponytails and their beliefs, very much rooted in Confucianism. These ditties retell their story and their lifestyle way back then so that the younger generation can gain an insight and foothold to their origin..




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