Hokkien Phrases F-J


~fire ridge~ image copyright Kris lee 2012

~fire ridge~
image copyright Kris lee 2012



















GE RAM- Exasperated. Adapted from a Malay word of the same meaning.

GIA PEK KI- Hold white flag. To surrender.

GNIAU LAN- Fussy prick. A fussy person.

GOH HUAY LANG- Five years old people. To misunderstand someone’s intention.

GOH KI CHIU- Five strands of hair. An amorous individual.

GOH KHAR KHI- Five foot way. A covered walkway found in front of pre war shophouses.

GOH LOOI SIANG KA GU CHIAR LEAN- Five cents bigger than a bullock cart’s wheel.  To criticise those who think that their money is worth a lot.

GOH PEH SI- Five Eight Four. An amorous person.

GONG KNIA SAI- Dumb groom. Used on young man who speaks thoughtlessly or come out with lame ideas.

GOON DU- Idiot. Adapted from an Indian word of the same meaning.

GOSTAN BALIK- To go astern/To reverse one’s vehicle or turn it around. The word ‘balik’ is adapted from a Malay word meaning ‘go back’.

GU BEH LAT- Cow horse strength. To deploy one’ whole human strength into a task.


HANA- Enough already! Often said in exasperation.

HAMI SU- What’s the problem?

HAMI LAN CHIAO- What dick? Swear Language.

HAO LIAN- Arrogant, cocky or smug.

HAO SIOW- Nonsense or bullshit.

HENG- Lucky or fortunate. Usually uttered after having escaped a tight spot or avoided a near miss as in an accident.

HIN KONG HIN KONG- To describe in jest a confuse person.

HIONG KAI KAI- Very Fierce. To describe a ruthless inconsiderate person.

HIOW LOK- Flirtatious deer. Amorous lady.

HNAR THAU TUA- Scare head big. To outwit or scare an opponent whom you know is more able than you.

HO CHYE- Luckily.

HO KOW MIA- A good dog’s life. A reassurance after having escaped a dangerous situation.

HO SAY- Exclamation of approval/An enthusiastic endorsement.

HOR CHAN- Give chance. A desperate plea to give another chance or to forgive someone.

HOR HUAY TH’NG TIO- To let the fire burnt you. An accidental mistake that hurts/harms.

HOR LANG KAN- Let people fuck you. Swear Language.

HOR LI CH’NI- Fox spirit. Amorous lady.

HOR LU EH LAN CHIAU CHENG- Let your penis swell. Swear Language.

HOR KWI KAN- Let ghost fuck. Swear Language.

HUAN CHU- Sweet potato. Used to describe idiots.

HUAN SUAN- Fussy. A fussy person.

HUAT SIO- Fever. To describe someone as crazy.

HUAT KUEH HUAT KAIR HUAY- To eat sweet cake will increase your fortune.

HUM PA LANG- Everything. Adapted from a Cantonese word of the same meaning.

HUM SUP LO- An amorous person. Adapted from a Cantonese word of the same meaning.



IM THIM KO CHOW SIM- Devious yet wicked. A person with deplorable character and dangerous to associate with.

JU KIN JU HO- The faster it is the better.

JU LAI JU LAO LAN- A more and more cocky person.

JU SIOW- Crumpled sperm. To provoke, irritate or disturb. To titillate sexually.


About the Phrases:~

The author/owner has also compiled for record, a collection of everyday Hokkien Phrases to capture the essence and spirit of his hoi polloi, a community originating from the southern province of Fujian, China where individuals climbed aboard bum boats, crossing the South China Sea to settle in faraway lands to escape the brewing civil unrest and a way out from hardship carrying along with them in their journey, nothing except their trademark ponytails and their beliefs, very much rooted in Confucianism. These phrases are as much as possible being conserved in its purest state despite having some which had been mixed with other local dialects and languages but nevertheless the Hokkien lingo took prominence over the rest. This list is continuously updated.




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