how to write good poems 3

.sehcir ron edalocca deen ton od  srohtua  dooG

kaeps krow rieht tel  ot  si  efil  ni  esoprup  riehT

hguone doog si enola taht dna srehto hcuot dna

si ereht  fi yrrow reven yehT  .meht  rof  drawer  a

enilpicsid tluciffid  a  si  tI  .elbat  rieht  no  daerb

ylpeed  dna   lufesoprup   lla   tub   sselehtreven





Large Paintings, Small Paintings

Large paintings  is  like  our  own  personal

garden   where   one   ponders   around   in

privacy,  appreciating   the   serenity   taking

shape before one’s eyes, being  surprised

by the unexpected bloom  hidden  within  it.


Small paintings are different. They  lend  a

special  touch.  They  are  like  a   personal

friend.  They talk to you,  they walk with you.