how to write good poems 2

ton dna sdrow  htiw  gniyalp  yojne  uoy  esuaceb  etirw

,ecnatpecca ,noitnetta naig nac uoy kniht uoy  esuaceb

ton   si  ti  fi  dna  .ti  htiw  sehcir  dna   emaf  ,ytiralupop

yojne  dna  gnitirw tuoba etanoissap  era uoy esuaceb

ruoy tcartsid lliw snosaer rehto eht ,sdrow htiw gniyalp

yllautneve dna  noitartnecnoc  ruoy  mlehwrevo  ,sucof

era uoy  fi  .gnitirw  ruoy  fo  wolf  larutan  eht  ecneulfni

eb  lliw ti ,flesruoy ot eurt dna sgnileef ruoy htiw tsenoh

ot deen on si ereht erofereht dna  sgnitirw  ruoy  ni  tlef

..srehto hcuot nac gnitirw ruoy fi yrrow

8 responses to “how to write good poems 2

  1. Since your text was backwards, I imagine your intent was to teach that clarity and an honest approach to feelings through words work best for the poet.
    Rhyme without reason
    or heart — what
    is the point?

    • very simple ronald, my intention was to share what i know to those open enough to listen. these are not hard and fast rules, just my own concept of poem writing that some has grown to like it while others might not agree with. and for those hoping for some sort of guidance when there are none out there would genuinely appreciate my ruffling of their patience to make them decode if they care to discover my viewpoint, as useless as it might be to some. and that to me separates the keen from the skeptics and also, it makes the words sink in faster. no malice intended!

  2. very interesting. I love that you had the text backwards. It truly resonates with the meaning it was trying to portray.
    Although many would not bother to read it, that is almost the point of it.
    Very glad I stopped by and made the effort.

    I agree with you also. One has to always be true to himself.


  3. Writing it backwards, only the one that is serious to write good poems will spare his/her time to read this.
    I agree with your thoughts here. ^.^d

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