god is the garden

God is not hidden in the garden, God, he is the garden and the garden  His  womb.

Where dawn first shone, man was molded out of  God’s  clay  and  breathed,  after

being fed the breath of life.  And man thus danced in glory to His  own  image  and

likeness and so it was that  man  walked,  then  ran  after  seeing  his  own  image

reflected in the pools of God. Man lived in His garden amongst tall trees and  huge

crevices for shade and protection and man  lived off  the  garden  which  fends  his

hunger and thirst  but  man  again  ran   in   fright,   on   seeing   strange   shadows

imitating his like.  And man hurdled beyond the limits  of  His  horizon~ when  man

couldn’t recognize the He that spoke from the small bushes and fervents..


God is not hidden in the garden, God, he is  the  garden.  The  garden  that  meets

mans eyes and from it sprung mans hearts. And if  man  is  truly  the  reflection  of

God himself, then the reflection of  man is the garden itself.  And  if  man  tends  to

the garden with the same spirit and love that God forms man, then man took  care

not only of his own well-being but that of the spirit of  God.  For God did  not  make

himself  beyond man’s  reach, but  man  chose  to  reach  Him  beyond  their  own

understanding of  God  that  is  the  garden.  And  in  His  garden,  there  were  two

comfort leaves. One He covered Adam, the other Eve..




10 responses to “god is the garden

  1. I believe there are gods. We are gods. Collectively, we make up God. If we took responsibility to be, do and have like God — am I not my brothers’ keeper? — we would discover peace and understanding on Earth.

    I realize that today my viewpoint may not be mainstream.

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