8 responses to “shrapnels

  1. Beautiful way of describing the coming springtime melt.

    I’m curious about your new photo here…care to share anything about it? And I love the background here with the charming lightning bugs–it’s very beautiful. I grew up with those fascinating little creatures.

    • tq gayle.. 🙂 my chinese ancestry of which i am proud of has something to do with the new photo i displayed here~ a chinese opera artiste. and as my memories go back in time, i could picture myself as a kid running around my dad’s old farm and these two elements, fireflies and bamboo fascinates me~ i sort of grew around it which is why i adopted it as my latest blog appearance.. it is also the title of one of my early poem.

  2. Thank you for sharing that with me, Kris…you have much to be proud of with your Chinese ancestry. Like I said, I grew up with those fireflies (lightning bugs) and I love bamboo too.

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