I can’t

I  can’t  hear

melody    in     my     home

I  can’t   see

love   in   a    barren    land


for  the pitter-patter

of  a young girl’s  footstep

doodling  her  hopes  and

dreams  in little canvases

for company

with tears in her thoughts


I   can’t   feel

harmony   in   your    tone

I can’t smell

roses with your demands


for the murmur

of  a  sweet  girl’s  prayer

pinning    doodles    with

artful  hearty  messages

outside the door

to      my     heart


I can’t..




10 responses to “I can’t

  1. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful. I’m getting that there is no longer any love between the couple. The little girl, desperate for attention, is suffering for it. I have the feeling that the speaker in the poem still plans on walking out. Just my interpretation. Well done!

  2. Sometimes I feel the same: knowing and doing nothing to change it. It doesn’t last long only because, deep inside, I am an optimistic. (And I have the sun and the sea. 🙂 )I hope your feelings change or your beautifully and sadly painted situation will continue to be a source of stress and pain for three.

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