two good legs

god made us in his image and endowed us with two good legs  so  that

we could all stand on  our  own  but  there  are  perfectly  normal  people

living  in  our  midst  who  chose  to live  like  a  paraplegic~  having   two

good  legs yet  prefer  to be  crippled  seeking  out  god  day  in  and  day

out  wanting   god   to   be   their  crutch   in   the   minutest  of   decisions

they could  easily hurdle through  by  themselves  i  sometimes  wonder

if  both legs should be done away with so that one has  a  better  reason

why one should be spoonfed by god since the two good  legs  are of  no

use because there are out there, genuine cases where god’s grace and

prop is truly needed~ where  those  in  prosthesis  seek  god’s  strength

to  learn  how  to  walk  again  with  limbs   that   are   tragically  removed,

diseased or  are  simply not there since birth..