mahjong faith

man are like the little  mahjong  tiles  scattered  on  god’s  mahjong  table.

on  the  four corners  sat  the  leaders  of  each  faith ~  shuffling,  stacking,

aligning  and  configuring  us  as  we  lay  prostrated,  not  knowing  which

amongst the challengers is going to pick us up  nor  are  we  to  know  our

fate because when one challenger at a glance decides not to retain  us  in

his group, we would be dropped so  fast~  disposed  like  a  factory  reject

onto  that  non  partisan  white  square,  our  only  consolation  being  that

one  of  the  other  three leaders  will  eventually  picked  us  up  to  form  a

group he  so  desires but,  if  so we  were  initially  needed,  then  you  and

I  could  be  certain  at  that   instance  how  that  leader  will  always   keep

watch over  us   throughout  the  game~  how  he  carefully  rearranges  us,

aligning us into neat stacks getting  us  ready  for  that  one  final  show  of

hand  so,   no  worries  gentlemen~  each  time   we   ponder   why    some

people faith hop but  still  found  hope  and  a  brand  new  day  like  a  little

block of  mahjong  tile  as  they  got  shuffled,  stacked  and  pushed  along

in their own little journey called faith!