I have been accused of preaching utopianism (sigh!)..  but aren’t  every  issue

we raise up and every thing we fight for pointing  towards  utopianism?  When

we demonstrate for want of better laws and better governance, when we fight

against  social  rot  and  injustices  and  against  environmental  degradation/

wastage for the want of  a cleaner,  greener  environment,  when  we  fight  for

better economic policies and elimination of  corruption,  for  the  want  of  civil

liberties, to reduce illiteracy and encourage organic farming, aren’t  all  these

actions taken for the sake of society leaning towards  utopianism? Aren’t our

religious books a guide towards utopianism?




12 responses to “utopianism

  1. I read this as a prose poem because it flows so easily and has a rhythm within that gives it a certain grace. Your words are timely and your images are real.


  2. we all have our own way of living and you have the right to voice your opinions its when you get mps like cameron who will not listen or reason but acts on his opinions against his own voters where the preaching starts xxjen

  3. I agree, Kris. I think that when we do try to bring our society into balance that we are trying to align with utopia–perfect peace and harmony. Who wouldn’t want that?!

  4. Flying all the way just to see you and say hello…and wish you all the best for this new week. Great post! Visit me too. Good night, wonderful dreams…
    Greeting for you from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

  5. Yes, they do preach towards utopian-ism. Idealism in its highest form. Idealism is not bad, and neither is utopia. But there have to be realistic means to get there. So many who would nay-say utopian-ism might not believe that it is realistically possible. I think to those who accuse you of preaching utopian-ism, you should smile at them and say “Thanks!” There IS a better world for those who have the courage to reach for it and the courage to guide others to it, too. It just takes enough of us to make it a reality, my friend. Never quit reaching for the light just because the critics say it isn’t possible! It IS possible. 🙂

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