god  gave each and every couple a plot of land  to till.  some  grew  flowers

on  it,  others,  fruits  or vegetables.   there  are  those  who  landscaped  it,

and there are also others who mowed it into a  field of grass.  some prefer

towering  trees,  dragonflies  and  streams to line its contour and others, a

zen  garden  it  became.  in  between,  there  are  also  those  who  kept on

trying   yet   just  could  not  grow  anything.   as  children,  we   are  like  the

garden  our   parents  tend  in  their  plot.    along  the  way,   many  parents

succeeded  but  there  too  are  others  not  endowed  with  the  know  how,

green fingers nor the skills of  a promising planter. and so, no matter what

we became of, albeit a charming fairytale garden or a piece of barren land,

we should first and foremost be thankful that  our  parents  were  there  for

us despite all odds. if we looked around, many  a  parent  gave  up,  some

ended their lives because  of  marital  and  financial  problems  and  as  a

result, many children  were  abandoned, given  away  because  they  were

thought to be of burden to many an ambitious  parent.  we should be glad

that at  the end of the day, despite it all, despite their hardship which might

affect  our comfort, they did not abandon us.  this we had to be grateful for.

and only god knows how hard they have tried to be a great parent..