basic call

as fire makes the ashes, the ashes should fertile the land.

for those armed with  the  refinements  of  god  yet  do  not

heed to the basic call of the world  is  of  no  use.  they  are

but ashes fit to be blown away by the wind..




9 responses to “basic call

  1. unused, unshared talents disappear. II Corinthians 12 lists spiritual gifts one can receive. We can use the for good, for evil, or not use them and lose them. Alan Kardec said that we often are given these gifts, not because we are so good, but rather to help us to grow spiritually. Interesting. One can not casually read your work. I like that! hugs, pat

  2. Hello Kris,

    I like your words very much indeed.
    They send out the desire for some respect of this earth, man and the Lord.

    Best wishes, Eileen

    Thank you for visitng my Blog Kris. I am writng from my French hoiday location at the moment.

  3. I am on your email list – and I see several you posted in one day,,, I do want to read them on — so will come back later to spend time at your blog and go through each & every delightful & well versed poems. Glad you are back & I too took a hiatus and will be back to blogging soon,

    yes – we need to use our gifts wisely – looking back over time we can see it really makes sense to benefit mankind whether we are an artist – painter, writer, scientist, or a shop keeper, doing it well and honest & compassionate makes for a peaceful joyful planet.


    • oh you do? i forgot hahaha and sorry for flooding your email with my musings. they are not poems, just thoughts compiled from my fb status (deleted many those days) 😉

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