when we simplify

we carry lesser baggages

we have lesser needs

and we have lesser expectations

we can whistle

while others are growling..




15 responses to “simplify

  1. I need to simplify the things in my life. They hold me back. I could go on many trips if I kept only the things I really need. I would like to whistle more. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Everything is better when things are simple. I often find myself wondering why we make things complicated. nice expression of simple displayed here. Bravo!

  3. Simplifying life is a common theme for me, too. I received several poems about it this past week. Always a good spiral lesson for all of us. (a spiral lesson is one we get again when we are ready for an expanded understanding of it.) I especially love the last two lines of your poem:

    we can whistle

    while others are growling

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