2 responses to “changes within

  1. We face constant change, either growing or decaying, or a mixture of both. You’re right about trying to keep pace and renewing yourself, but I found that for me the wheel of life’s steady pace was relentless. In my brokenness and deterioration, I found all my dreams of controlling my own destiny were worthless. Now my world is pure and serene as I learn how to lean on a higher power. For you, face the world and make your mark, glean what wisdom you can. Then let your poetry and prose flow into the world. You have keen insights and your words are powerful. Let your faith grow with you as you constantly change within this magical world.
    May peace and love be with you.

    • tq dan. worthless control of your own destiny made me curious why that is so.. but nevertheless you found peace. if you noticed, i did say i put on my earplugs on before i step outside haha! changes within, changes without. no longer is it an encounter under the coconut tree..

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