strength of faith

strength  of   faith    is  not   about  the   ritualistic  toning  of  our  legs

squatting up and down  the pew,  it is about  sacrificing  our seat  for

others.  strength of faith is not about dressing our best nor adorning

our  body  with  the  finest  of   filigree,    for  god  created   us  naked.

strength  of  faith  is  not  about  our  eyes,  our  nose,  our  ears,  our

mouth, our mind, our heart.  with these, we judge.  strength  of  faith

is all about our hands~  the  hand  that  gives, the  hand  that  serves,

the  hand  that  comforts ,  the  hand  that  helps..




88 responses to “strength of faith

  1. Strength of faith is all you mentioned and more. Your words grow more powerful with each poem and your poems grow more powerful with each post. Strength of faith also means you stay humble in spite of the accolades.

  2. Hi Fiveloaf (Kris) your site has changed a bit! It looks great, I see you thousand times in a nice suit!

    Your poem is thought provoking as they say, thanks for putting them here.

    Happy rally!

  3. Such a worthy message. It is so uplifting when others produce pieces like this. With the state of the World it can often feel like there aren’t many people who value what is truely worthwhile.

    I’d like to print this off and keep a copy…with your permission

    • Thank you The Oldstrong for liking this posting of mine titled ‘strength of faith’ and observing my Copyright Notice displayed. Uplifting messages are meaningless unless shared and because of this, i grant you permission to keep a copy of it on condition that you are not to exploit this posting for commercial gains and that the posting date and my identity is visibly displayed between the title and the content at all times. If you can agree with my simple terms, kindly leave a reply identifying your current location and name..

  4. The strength of simple faith cannot be underestimated.
    I’m not religious in the least – but I believe in faith, and the strength of human belief.
    I like the piece very much! Simple, clear, and direct.

  5. Very thoughtful write… I think of friendship when I read this, but the word is so belittled nowadays compared to fame, fortune, power, basically all strong words. But strength of faith has a very fine resonance and not preachy. Thank you

    • tq for your enthusiasm and for liking this posting~L? i would appreciate if you could kindly observe The Oldstrong’s comments above and observe accordingly if you dont mind….

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