tear down your wall?

tear down your  wall  only  when  there  is  no  fear  in

you, only when you  are  prepared  for  unimaginable

confrontations~ flood, tsunami, sandstorms and  the

like.. and if your enemies strength  supersede  yours,

be  prepared  for torture,  abuse or  beating  of  some

kind  so  therefore,  in  short, if  you  so  wish  to  tear

down your wall, do it only if  you  are  absolutely  sure

it is safe to do so..




6 responses to “tear down your wall?

  1. yes as a matter of fact we do- embarassing things that you thought it best to keep it under lock and safe? weird habits, sins or indulgences of some kind? but of course there are those who goes around telling all until one day his best friend spills all..

  2. I have to say it…I just have to…if more than one person knows…I don’t think it’s a secret. Even if we think both parties are keeping the secret between them…you never really know who might be privy to that information anyway. Uninvited to share it, but knowing anyway.

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