what can I not tell you

what can I not tell you

when only you know

what lies ahead of us

are sparkles gleaming in our eyes


what can I not tell you

when only you can feel

those wonders are not lies

and little taints fade as we brazen


what can I not tell you

when only you can hear

the truth behind all the lies

and joy mars worries as we calm..




24 responses to “what can I not tell you

  1. Oh, the stories untold,
    the lies so bold,
    the unspoken words,
    the things not heard,
    the times ahead,
    if truth is unsaid,
    everything is good,
    as long as it’s understood,
    that things long ago,
    no one needs to know,
    and things hidden right now,
    will show up somehow,
    so let sleeping dogs lie,
    and let truth pass on by.

    What can I not tell you? The honest truth along with all the trappings. The truth? “You can’t handle the truth,” as J. Nickolson expressed in a movie.

    • thanks dan for the rhyme- you are the expert! and gee.. did jack nicholson said that? he is one of my favorite actors and such joy i had to see him in the character of the joker in batman movie and i particularly remembered this line of his- ‘have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?’ wow! i thought his facial expression when he uttered this was fantastic!

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