pharaoh’s grip

I dream a dream

untainted by the fouls

of man

that I could camel in the heat

without being tormented

by man

nor scorned at seeking refuge

under the olive tree

by man


I dream I knelt

and pray for the breath

of God

to fluff me away

from the pharaohs’ grip

by God

and away from the pyramids

which held no grain

of God


and let go completely..




37 responses to “pharaoh’s grip

  1. U dream-(formulate),
    U hope-(looking toward tomorrow),
    U pray-(in conversation with the only one that may)
    And discovered an ancient anointing.

  2. The longing for freedom from the grip of oppression, great depiction here! I enjoyed my read very much, as always. Nice work!

  3. The quest for freedom is powerful, a mind set reaching into the divine world. Your poem yearns for freedom and takes steps away from Pharaoh’s grip, seeking protection from God. Well written and beautiful.

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