nectar from heaven

in   the    middle   where   I   sat

within  the   dark   surround   of

your      curvaceous       contour

the     melody     of     your     life

hums  in  my  ears   fashioning

all  that  is   bitter   into    sweet


as I gazed up  that  sound hole

I   saw   your   slender   fingers

motioning   in  longing   fluidity

gesturing  on  the  strings  that

connects   your  inner  soul   to

my    languid     passive    heart


with  you   I  am  harnessed  by

the  tresses  of  your    mastery

hoisting  me  into  your  corona

of             endless            beauty

freeing    me    from    the   yoke

that       once      enslave       me


with    you     I     found     nectar

flowing   down    from    heaven

and  the   melody  of   your   life

interpreted  through  your  grip

gushes in between the  strings

finally filling up the sound hole..




154 responses to “nectar from heaven

  1. Melody of your life…motioning in longing fluidity…hoisting me into your corona, …nectar flowing down from heaven…
    part of the beautiful phrases in this beautiful love poem.
    Very well done!

  2. Oh maaaan.. this is cosmically divine, Kris!!
    ” fashioning
    all that is bitter into sweet” — that really spoke VOLUMES!!
    Really loved this one, FL… my personal favorite by you!!

  3. the strings that

    connects your inner soul to

    my languid passive heart …

    this totally has my heart … loved it!

  4. A gorgeous threnody, the sort of unbuckled and ripened blossoming which almost hurts to be so sweet, so naked. It’s brave, because the heart in it is so exposed. – Brendan

  5. i so deeply love the 2nd paragraph

    “as I gazed up that sound hole

    I saw your slender fingers

    motioning in longing fluidity

    gesturing on the strings that

    connects your inner soul to

    my languid passive heart”

  6. That is fantastic! Probably one of your best, if not THE best poem of yours I’ve read. Sensual and romantic (in the full sublime sense of the word).

  7. It must be that kind of night so far…I am also drawn into your beginning as well, but in a much different way due to the sensuality of your poem…I like this.

  8. I’m fascinated by the typography of this. Is it of your devising. I think it has a lot going for it, the idea that the look of a poem on the page matters (as much as?) as the sound of it.

  9. Seldom is there a man that can write words that cause the soul to drift into dreams of peaceful intimate settings where the rest of the world doesn’t matter such as you Kris …excellent work

  10. Spun out in the midst of desire seems a good place to put this poem. The manner with which you built the image of beauty out of subservience and compassion really stayed with me as I thought about the poem after re-reading it a few times. Excellent manner of communicating the love that you feel. Definitely put me in a better mood. Thanks for posting such an empathetic poem. Take it easy,


  11. I love your stuff and I have nominated you for the versitile blogger award. You
    I hope you accept!

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