fat dream

chasing      a     fat     dream

patching    a    torn     seam

is  love   a   racing   stream

are   we   a   winning   team


hung   from  a   roof   beam

placid  like  shaving cream

when water turns to steam

my eyes  no  longer  gleam




39 responses to “fat dream

    • you liked it cheryl? haha thanks! i have never written anything rhymie before and i was wondering why most poets does it and so, for the first time i tried.. only mine is a bit quirky eh? hahaha!

  1. fiveloaf

    I am not so sure ‘quirky’ is the right term here. A creative & poetic use of descriptive is what you used to make your poem flow with a cadence & rhythm . nicely done you took me on poetic ride with my emotions. sweet.


  2. I hope you are not offended by my use of the word ‘quirky’, fiveloaf of joanny.

    I did not mean it in a bad way.

    I thought it was very sweet and I know rhyming poetry is not easy but you did it in a fun way. That’s all I meant.

    ~ C

  3. and I shout and scream
    Yes, you are a winning team
    Keep up the energy and steam
    Eyes would certainly gleam

    For that’s waht it should be, will be and perhaps is…

    I like the play of words here.. and thanks for your wonderful comments on my page..

  4. interesting read 🙂 i always look forward to what you’re gonna write, because I never know what to expect, but I’m sure I’ll like it

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